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Office Space Planning and Design

Professional office space and furniture reconfiguration services

Your business has its own unique model and workflow. Why allow the constraints of your office or facility layout to hinder your potential? One of the most effective ways to give your business a boost in productivity is by reconfiguring your existing office space to better support your company's specific operation. In particular, furniture reconfiguration introduces a variety of opportunities to make your company more resourceful, efficient, and appealing.

OCIR's space planning and reconfiguration experts offer 30 years' experience designing purposeful office layouts that meet our clients' business objectives, including:
  • Increasing employee productivity
  • Fostering constructive internal collaboration
  • Providing a more comfortable and healthier work environment
  • Accommodating downsizing or expansion objectives
  • Implementing custom measures for privacy and security
  • Complying with local health and safety codes
Office Floor Plan Design

Should I relocate or reconfigure?

Often, a company will outgrow their floor plan and find it necessary to relocate to a larger space. Other times, some creative space planning and furniture reconfiguration is the right solution. It's easy to overlook the value of reassessing your existing space and imagining its potential in alternative configurations. An experienced and creative office reconfiguration company can do just that, and save you money in the long run.

OCIR excels at helping companies maximize their space utilization. We believe that your office, facility, and other workspaces should be designed to give you a competitive advantage. Our space planning and reconfiguration process and services include:
  • Understanding your short- and long-term business objectives
  • Analyzing your workflow
  • Evaluating the needs of your workforce
  • Determining the effectiveness of your existing furniture
  • Providing alternative furniture and fixture recommendations
  • Furniture procurement
  • Furniture disposition, liquidation, or donation
  • Short- or long-term furniture warehousing and storage

Choose San Diego's creative space planning and reconfiguration company

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