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Home Furniture Installation

Does your home office space inspire creativity and productivity?

Working from home is now more common than ever. But if your home office isn't properly configured, it can be challenging to be productive. A floor plan designer's perspective can make all of the difference when setting up a home office that maximizes your space. The furniture delivery and installation experts at OCIR can help you achieve the right balance of comfort and productivity in your home office.
Professionally Installed Home Office Furniture

Choose OCIR, San Diego's premier furniture installation company for your home office needs.

OCIR offers over 30 years of experience providing businesses solutions to their commercial furniture installation challenges. We can work with you to plan your home office setup, and handle the delivery and installation as well.
  • Furniture delivery and setup
  • Installation of height-adjustable tables and desks
  • Office chairs, sofas, and other seating options
  • Workstation setup, such as single or dual monitor configurations

How we guarantee your satisfaction

  • Needs analysis to thoroughly plan your installation
  • Fast turnaround for installation with minimal disruption
  • Hands-on oversight of your delivery and installation from start to finish
  • Professional handling and tracking of your furniture and equipment
  • Thorough clean-up and post-service walkthrough
  • 30-day follow-up to confirm your satisfaction

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