Furniture Installation & Relocation Services for Corporate Offices

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Office Space Design

Is your office designed to deliver the best customer experience and increase employee productivity?

On any given day, a corporate office has the daunting task of providing hospitality to a wide range of visitors, from employees, executives, and partners, to clients, consumers, and media. Designing a floor plan that perfectly accommodates those individuals along with every aspect of your business takes creative and pragmatic thinking.

As San Diego's leading commercial furniture installation and relocation company, we take seriously our mission to help businesses like yours create a great first impression, and provide your employees a comfortable yet productive work environment.
Corporate Furniture Installation

OCIR is San Diego's premier commercial furniture installation and relocation company.

For over 30 years, we have worked with local and national businesses to optimize their existing space utilization, handle complex installations of furniture, fixtures, and equipment, and relocate their operations. Areas where we can be of service to your company include:
  • Office furniture installation and reconfiguration for corporate offices
  • Lobby and atrium furnishing for corporate buildings
  • Furniture, fixtures, and shelving for storefronts and showrooms
  • Property management furnishing solutions
  • Commercial office staging

Why choose OCIR for your installation, relocation or reconfiguration needs

Our corporate clients come back to us for their installation, relocation, and reconfiguration needs for many reasons, which you likely share:

Creativity matters.

We understand your desire for a reliable partner who can quickly determine your needs and develop a practical plan of action.

Action matters.

Our planners, movers, and installers have the experience, training, creativity, and confidence necessary to get the job done to the highest standard of quality and professionalism.

Experience matters.

We know that you have a business to run. Our service is designed to take any pressure and responsibilities off of you, and keep your business up-and-running with minimal disruption or downtime.

How we guarantee your satisfaction

  • Comprehensive needs analysis
  • Plan of action for fast turnaround and minimal workplace disruption
  • On-site project manager overseeing your installation, relocation, or reconfiguration project from conception to completion
  • Professional handling and tracking of your assets
  • Thorough clean-up and post-service walkthrough
  • 30-day follow-up to confirm your satisfaction

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